Reply To: Ammo, who has it?

Paul McKinney

I have 600 rds of 115gr fmj 9mm that can be bought. Here is the back story. A young man inherited some ammo and guns ( among a great many other things) from an uncle. The young man also inherited 7 storage lockers and the 2500 dollar a month rent. I told him that I would help him sell some of the ammo to offset the cost of the storage units. The guns will appear on our auction when I get them cleaned and ready. AGT is not making any money on the ammo we are just trying to help the kid out. He wants 20 dollars for a box of 50 and he has left 12 boxes with me to sell for him. I would rather sell it locally for him because I don’t want to have to fool with ordinance stickers and UPS pickup for just 12 boxes. If anyone is interested let me know.

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