BamaCarry annual statewide meeting in February has been cancelled.

December 27, 2020

Since January 2013 one of the highlights of the year has been the annual statewide meeting held for members of BamaCarry Inc. The meetings have been held in either January or February and have been events to bring gun rights activists together from across the state and have been planned to coincide with the beginning of the Alabama legislative session.

BamaCarry President, Eddie Fulmer, said, "Due to logistics and the effect Covid will take on our event there’s just no way we can pull it off with any degree of success. I held out hope until this week we might could make it happen". Asked about the firearm giveaway that was scheduled for the 2021 meeting Mr. Fulmer said, "Please know our giveaway will still take place on February 27". Watch this site and our social media pages for details on this later.

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I have really loved these in the past and was looking forward to the 2021 event. I truly hate that it had to be cancel but I understand the reasoning behind the decision. I ask that everyone stand firm , together we can make our voices heard.

Kim Harris says:

I was looking forward to this event and know that Bamacarry did everything to be able to have it, but the restrictions put in place by localities made it unrealistic. However, every person must get involved on your local levels. Do your legislators know you? Do your friends, family and neighbors know what you believe? Have you talked to (not shouted at) people in your circle to let them know what is going on in their local politics who are trying to take their rights away? Have you encouraged people to get involved? EVERY SINGLE PERSON can make a difference. Do you build relationships with officers, neighbors, legislators? It can’t always be “us against them”. We are not machines or robots (unless you have allowed yourselves to become one). God gave us all a brain, a heart and soul and a conscience. We only lose that if we fail to use them. Families have failed for generations to raise children with responsibility and consequences making excuses and blaming anybody but themselves. It is on all of us to change this. Never feel like you are too small or unimportant to make a difference. These restrictions on restraunts and buisnesses have made large gatherings more diff because getting buisnesses to take that chance have been a huge hurdle. They want to rush people in and out to try to make up the money lost by capacity limits, but that doesn’t mean we stop. It means we find other means of getting the word out and making a difference. Not a day goes by that I’m not talking to someone about joining the fight against the assault on our rights.

Shawn Duley says:

You are so right. I’m looking for ways I can help to make a difference. We’ve done most of what you have mentioned. I know I can do better but not sure how or what. I’m grateful to be a part of this group and will be active by utilizing this resource in educating myself and others and hopefully finding new ways to make a difference. Mission #1 for me is to recruit new members! My husband and I have a dual membership so the post lists Shawn, it’s not it’s me, his wife Tammy

Billy Denton says:

Thank you for your comment “Tammy”, I think I got that right.

Welcome to BamaCarry and we are glad that you are here. The website has been down in usage for some time (Facebook rules as bad as I hate it) but we are working at making it active and a place where you can come to for information and updates on all things guns and freedom.

Please visit regularly and comment when you can.
Again, thanks for being here.

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