What Our Members Say...

I am a vested BamaCarry member and I have many members of my family that have served in one branch or another of the U.S. Military to defend my rights and freedoms that the forefathers fought to provide. It scares me that too many aren't educated correctly on what was originally fought for to the extent that many are fighting for a Socialistic society. I proudly defend the Constitutional rights of Alabama citizens to carry a weapon in defense of self and state.
Michelle S. 

What Our Members Say...

Five years ago when I became interested in learning what the gun laws were in Alabama I stubble across BamaCarry and was very pleased with the eagerness to help educate. March 2018 I was honored to be asked to lead a chapter in my county, once again I found people eager to help get things rolling. BamaCarry is more than a no compromise gun group, BamaCarry is family! James D Jones / chapter leader Bibb County.
James J. 

Reasons I support this organization are simple. It is a network of dedicated individuals willing to go the extra mile for our rights. It also allows me to get to know many great patriots, and as a man who lost his father at 18, I see many of these men as great father figures. Being a part of BamaCarry also gives me a purpose. I look forward to the education that I have to be bestowed on others, and I have this because the people of BamaCarry constantly encouraging and pushing me to be better, learn more, and be well informed. As a chapter co-leader, I also encourage my fellow members to educate themselves and each other. I have seen many great friendships begin just because of being members together.
Kevin S. 

​What Our Members Say...

First and foremost like the church and military service, BamaCarry gives me the opportunity to be part of something greater than myself.   In being greater than myself, BamaCarry as a collective group of likeminded people, enables me to take a greater stand for our liberties and unalienable rights with an amplified voice.  This gives me confidence knowing that as BamaCarry grows in number, that the voice gains strength as well.  This voice of collective strength will be heard by our elected representatives.  As these elected officials hear this voice and realize our strength come election time, they will then be reminded exactly who they should be working for. All in all, BamaCarry affords me the opportunity to take a greater stand, have a larger voice, and be of a greater service to my community, state, and country. 
Tod W.