Membership in Bamacarry is affordable and goes a long way towards the restoration of our natural right to self defense. Funds collected from membership dues are used for many different purposes:

No One gets a salary – BamaCarry does not have any paid staff or facility costs. This means your membership dollars go directly into the fight for gun rights.

Educational materials – We believe that the main reason gun control has taken hold in to our state is a lack of public awareness. By providing educational materials at gun shows, public events and personal distribution we can provide factual information. Informed people get involved, and when given all the facts, informed people can better hold their legislators accountable to restoring Constitutional rights.

​Support of civil and criminal lawsuits – BamaCarry has been a supporter for criminal trials where a gun owner was wrongly arrested under what we believe are unconstitutional statutes. Our goal is to fight unconstitutional gun restrictions through the courts.

Membership benefits include:

  • Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Membership
  • BamaCarry Decal and Educational Materials
  • Exclusive “Member” Forum Access. FaceBook "BamaCarry Members Only"
  • Discounts at certain shops when you show your BamaCarry card
  • Occasional special membership deals
  • Discount to the Self Defense Fund (

Membership Levels

1 Year BamaCarry Membership

1 Year Dual Membership GOA & BamaCarry

1 Year BamaCarry & SDF Membership*

1 Year GOA, BC and SDF Membership*

5 Year BamaCarry Membership**

Lifetime BamaCarry Membership**
$500 or $50 Initial Deposit

*FYI, We do not collect funds for SDF enrollment. The $60 will be paid to them directly, and you should receive an email from them to complete that process if this is your first time signing up. If you are renewing SDF coverage, you should use your login info with them on their site to complete the process.

**To purchase a 5 Year or Lifetime Membership, please contact us directly at 205.202.0486, or email us at

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