​​Can I have a pistol in the car while picking up kids at school?
If you have a permit, yes. The “Gun Free School Zone Act” exempts permit holders as long as your permit is issued in the state where you are in the school zone.

Can I carry in a vehicle without a permit?
Yes, however your pistol must be unloaded and in a place where you, nor anyone else in the vehicle, can reach it. There is no restriction on any legal long gun, and they may be kept loaded.

​Where am I NOT allowed to carry a weapon?
Federal facilities (except Federal parks), a court house/annex, police stations, sheriff’s office, district attorneys office, and a few more.

What is the legal age to carry?
The legal age is 19 in Alabama for both open and concealed carry.

Can I consume alcohol when armed?
There is no law concerning alcohol and carrying a pistol. However, having a few drinks before a self-defense shooting, prosecutors may use it against you at YOUR trial. It is a bad idea and never advised.

Can I carry on private property like Wal-Mart or Lowes?
A business that is open to the public is considered, and treated like public property. When you enter, you carry all your rights with you unless they tell you differently. If they tell you to leave, you must or they can arrest you for trespassing! But not for a violations of your gun rights.

Do I have to give the serial number of my gun when I apply for a permit?
NO! This is a form of registration and it’s illegal for you to be asked.

Can I get a multi-year concealed carry permit?
Yes! Counties have to give you the option to purchase up to 5-year permits.  The cost per year depends on your local Sheriff.

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