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Tim Ganey

Earlene, I really doubt that this will “replace” fake book at least until they take BC off completely. What makes FB work is everything is in one place. You go there and you can catch up on what’s going on with your family, friends, politics, your local hobby group ect ect. This place will never be that and for that reason it will never replace FB. I’m as guilty as the next person of heading to FB to get all my updates. It’s like going to walmart. You get everything in one place. My wish is that one day someone will come up with a good alternative to FB that everyone will get behind. That is the only way we will ever take the “power” away from FB. We have our “place holder” on MeWe in the event that FB cuts us off without warning but for whatever reason a lot of folks just don’t seem to like the layout of Mewe. Only time will tell but I do believe our days on FB are limited.

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