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Felix McCaleb

My name is Felix “Andy” McCaleb I am 66 yo and have been working for our constitutional rights since 1974 with the CCRKBA getting petitions signed to repeal the 1968 gun control act, a life member of the NRA and now find myself here to work with our local and state level organization. At this point in time all we can hope for at the federal level is holding our own but it appears that state level is our best option today. I really didn’t know what to make of Bama Carry in their beginnings and they have gained my respect over the years with some impressive victories in our great state. Until I retired my political activity was limited by the Hatch Act but am now free of that yoke around my neck. I attended last years Bama Carry annual meeting in Jasper and came away with new found respect for this organization. I also attended Rally Day in Richmond Virginia in 2020, what a site, my profile is from there. I am here and willing to work for all of our constitutional rights and would like to get more involved than being a dues paying member. Thanks for accepting me into the organization and am looking forward to working with you.

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