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    Please read our guidelines for using this forum.

    Welcome to the BamaCarry Forums, an online forum for discussions on firearm law in Alabama and Federal law on the National scene. While our focus is mainly gun rights we do however have some additional forums but we try to keep them firearm related.

    While BamaCarry respects the First Amendment, BamaCarry is not the government. By joining our forum you have in essence agreed to a contract to abide by the rules set forth by BamaCarry Inc. Rule breakers cannot complain about censorship or freedom of speech. If you do not like the rules of conduct or the acceptable topics then do not join or feel free to leave.

    Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of political affiliation, gender, religion, nationality, or stance on gun ownership. We aim to respect every point of view, as long as it is presented in a polite and factual manner. You only need to provide a name and a valid email address to participate. We do not sell that information to anyone.

    There are only a few house rules at this time:

    1. Multiple user registrations are prohibited. If you have difficulties logging in or you wish to change your user name, do not re-register, email us at

    2. As a family-friendly board, we ask that you keep your language clean, and that starts with your chosen user name. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your blessed old Grandma, you probably don’t want to say it here. This rule includes any inappropriate images.

    3. Spamming, trolling, flaming, and personal attacks are prohibited. You can disagree with other members, even vehemently, but it must be done in a well-mannered form. Attack the argument, not the arguer.

    4. You agree to respect the copyright of others. If you don’t own the rights to something, do not post it unless you have received prior written permission from the owner. If you do not have that permission, please just link to it and provide a brief summary of the contents.

    Mark Snider


    Felix McCaleb

    The rules pose no problem for me and I agree to them.


    I agree 100 percent with all the guidelines you have set forth,and am looking forward to meeting like minded members.

    Ray Trammell


    Don Dennard


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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