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    Discuss anything shotgun related.

    Billy Denton

    I am curious as to who uses a shotgun for home defense.
    If you do what kind, make, model, gauge, etc.
    Why did you choose that one? What do you like about it? Dislikes?
    What type of ammo do you load it with?

    Al Neri

    Shockwave 12Ga. It’s short enough to be able to negotiate closed spaces. It makes that shotgun sound when you rack it. It’s at the ready, conveniently positioned, but of course I’ve not used it for the intended purpose.

    Billy Denton

    I love the Shockwave Al. Too much gun for the wife but she has a 20GA tactical with a pistol grip. Light enough for her small frame and loaded with buckshot makes it a real nice HD firearm.

    James Jones

    I use a Charles Daily (shockwave style) 410 loaded with a self defense load.It’s light and easy to carry and I usually carry it also in my truck when I go out.My reason for this model was a very great deal on it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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