FX-9 Review

Chandler, IN is home to Freedom Ordnance, an American firearm manufacturer. They produce the FX-9. The FX-9 is a pistol caliber carbine available as a 16” rifle or a 4” and 8” pistol length. There is also an 18” model exclusively for Canada. Freedom Ordnance decided to take a different approach to building their AR-9. They took the milspec receiver dimensions and scaled them down to a more appropriate size for a 9mm. This results in less material and less weight. The trade off is now you have a few proprietary components.
The FX-9 is packed full of features. Starting with the muzzle, it comes with a 3” faux suppressor but with 1/2x28 threads it can be switched out with your favorite muzzle device. You get a free float hand guard with M-Lok slots. The lower receiver accepts Glock magazines and the upper receiver has last round bolt hold open. The pistol models come with either the KAK Shockwave brace or the SB Tactical SBA3.

In my experience with the FX-9, it was very reliable. The bolt locked back on every empty magazine and I didn’t experience any kind of malfunction. With the 8” pistol model I was shooting an 8” plate at 100 yards so it wasn’t lacking in the accuracy department. The things I didn’t like about the FX-9 is that it uses a proprietary charging handle although Freedom Ordnance does offer an upgraded ambidextrous charging handle online. I’m not a fan of the faux suppressor but is something else that can be swapped out. With an MSRP of $799 I think this is a good buy.


Video link: https://youtu.be/6rzvTjtrm7A

Daryl Abbot, The Tactical Cowboy

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