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Give me liberty or give me death!

Sarai Eilat February, 2021 “Give me Liberty or give me death”, one of the most powerful quotes in our country’s history and rightfully so. Sadly so few in our nation realize its meaning. Every day I read dozens of stories, see dozens of cool pictures, all depicting the quest for freedom. Each time though I… Read more »

What’s your problem Alabama? Even Indiana looks to allow ‘constitutional carry’.

Billy Denton February 23, 2021 According to an article by Margaret Menge of The Center Square, Indiana just might become the 18th state to pass ‘constitutional carry’. This means that citizens of Indiana will no longer need to purchase a license to exercise an inalienable right. Of course, I feel compelled to correct the term… Read more »

For every attack on our freedoms, and our way of life, there must be a counterattack. Nullification Is The Rightful Remedy!

Thanks to our friends at the Canada Free Press for this excellent article. In 1832, a crisis ensued between the federal government and the South over the right of the federal government to impose tariffs on foreign goods entering the country for purposes other than revenue. South Carolina was hit particularly hard as foreign manufactured… Read more »

Senate Bill SB-5 is misunderstood and misreported in the press

Gene Piatkowski   February 5, 2021 Senate Bill SB-5 is misunderstood and misreported in the press. Since a lot of people believe what they see on TV, the Internet, or hear on the radio we have to provide the facts and educate people. Here is just one example: The Permitless Carry (Constitutional Carry) bill will… Read more »

The Gospel of Gun Rights

Billy Denton 02/03/2021 The other day I was speaking with a friend about the lack of knowledge that many Americans possess when it comes to the Second Amendment. This lack of knowledge can be compared to God’s people whom God said; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge”. We had… Read more »

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