Give me liberty or give me death!

Sarai Eilat
February, 2021

“Give me Liberty or give me death”, one of the most powerful quotes in our country’s history and rightfully so. Sadly so few in our nation realize its meaning. Every day I read dozens of stories, see dozens of cool pictures, all depicting the quest for freedom. Each time though I have to ask myself, do they really mean it?
Should our country engage in another revolution we have to face the truth. We may blame the politicians but over the years we the American people have caused the death of our nation, our children, our grandchildren. We have compromised our freedom away. We have tolerated the traitors to our nation using our very freedoms they detest against us. We have permitted the violations of our most basic rights and watched in horror as the USA has deteriorated to the USSA.

Our Founding Fathers set up a nation based on Judeo Christian morals and beliefs, a capitalistic economy based on individual freedoms and limited regulations. We have the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and our Constitution to define what our nation stands for. My opinion, if you are against any of these things you’re in the wrong country. It is that simple, if you don’t like the USA and what it stands for just leave. Relocate to Canada or Mexico if you hate us so much. Try China, see how you like that. Freedom of speech does not make one innocent of sedition. Allowing sedition has made the rest of us accomplices. Just one example there, many more available if you think about it, but that’s the point isn’t it, we just didn’t think about it. We were more concerned with getting along than we were about preserving the best nation in the world, and while we were getting along they were using the very freedoms they despise to destroy us.
So now after generations of appeasing those that hate what America stands for we find ourselves in the position of facing another revolution, this time not to free ourselves from the oppression of a king across the ocean, but instead to free ourselves from the tyranny we placed upon ourselves. We have now but 3 choices. One being to peaceably stand together like never before, unified in our opposition to the Socialist takeover of our nation, firm in our resolution to absolutely and positively resist the abandonment of our Constitutional society. Impeach the elected officials who have defied their oath, remove their appointees, toss out their laws. Face down those that try to destroy our country and treat them how enemies deserve to be treated, for that’s what they are enemies of America bent on her destruction. Second, we can give in, get used to being enslaved by the Socialist elitists, sit idly by while our republic is replaced, and bow down to the dictators that micromanage our lives. Third, we can revolt; we can say “no more”, we can take it to the streets.
Messy business, revolutions are. While many look on the idea as a necessity at this point I wonder at times if everyone’s really thought it through. Granted a few of our cities probably need leveled and restarted but it isn’t quite that simple. The bad people aren’t the only ones going down if it comes to that. Millions of good solid people will die as well. Men, women, children, cities, towns, homes, everything that many of us know will be annihilated. Are you really prepared to watch your friends and family die around you? Live without email, cell phones, even electricity? Hope you have a fireplace this winter.
Option 1 has to be our first choice but we can no longer piddle at it half-assed. We have to seriously look at what the alternatives mean. We have to focus, be convicted. We have to wake up now or face the results of our complacency. Stop whining and get busy, decide what you want, liberty or enslavement. But get this, understand it, know it and realize the truth in it, while we opt for option 1 we have to acknowledge that it may very well be too late. While we cannot surrender our efforts to save our country, we all have to realize those best efforts may fail. The Second Amendment was designed to save us from tyranny on just such an occasion. Strive to take your country back peacefully, but be prepared and get it right in your heads ... though peace may fail, we cannot.
“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty G-d! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry
Those are not just words; they are the essence of everything to a free society. Do you mean them? You may not be willing to die for liberty, but you can bet they are willing to kill to stop it. With so much at stake are you not able to call them like you see them? Are you not prepared to stand up to the traitors and hold them accountable for their actions? When you find a business that does not honor our rights don’t give them your money. Ask to see the manager and let him know why; hope it happens a dozen times a day. Point is it’s time you put your foot down and let them know we are no longer tolerating their dismissal of the Constitution.
Get serious about option 1 before we are forced into option 3, because face it, liberty or death is not going to be an option in a society that has no backbone, a society that is so afraid of being politically incorrect that it has negotiated away our rights, a society that has become so non-confrontational that we won’t even stand for our rights much less risk our lives for them. Maybe we should just change the phrase to “Give me liberty or I’ll flood you with sarcasm.”

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Well thought out, well written. Spend some time looking up Sarai Eilat on Facebook and reading her other posts. What Americans need is leaders, like her, willing to speak out, and others that are experienced and willing to militarily lead the people to rise up when necessary. Right now, all we’ve got are politicians.

Billy Denton says:

I have known, followed, and communicated with Sarai for at least seven years. There is no one more straightforward and to the point. I told her one time that I love her writings/rants but sometimes I have to edit heavily. She has made a few sailors I know blush from time to time lol. Her entire family are Patriots. She keeps me inspired!

Have a great day!

What an incredible article. Made me really think about option1 vs option3. I feel that I’m doing what I can do, like you said, not patronizing anti-Constitutional businesses whoever they are, and I contact my state and federal leaders with my demands.

Please tell me, if you will, if there is something I’m missing, and I will do my very best to adopt it. Thank you again for your article!

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