What’s your problem Alabama? Even Indiana looks to allow ‘constitutional carry’.

Billy Denton February 23, 2021

According to an article by Margaret Menge of The Center Square, Indiana just might become the 18th state to pass ‘constitutional carry’. This means that citizens of Indiana will no longer need to purchase a license to exercise an inalienable right. Of course, I feel compelled to correct the term ‘constitutional carry’ because even if it gets signed into law it is ‘permitless carry’. No state has constitutional carry at this time.
The author went on to say, “Numerous county sheriffs testified in support of the bill”.

Sheriff Dennis Quakenbush of Hamilton County told the House Public Policy Committee, “Criminals, by definition, do not follow the law, They will find a way to arm themselves…and the police cannot be everywhere and protect everyone. The government should not be your Plan A for protection or self-defense. The government is not our savior.”

Bravo Sheriff, you are my hero.

In Alabama, Senator Gerald Allen continues to bring the BamaCarry backed ‘permitless carry bill’ year after year (SB5 this year), and although it gets passed out of Senate committee every year it dies in the House. In Alabama, it is always a fight because it ends up in a committee made up of present and past law enforcement or members with very strong ties to law enforcement. Law enforcement in Alabama does not like the bill yet the reasons they give every year sound like school-age kids trying to convince their parents why they should be able to drink at 16. In other words, they sound ridiculous. I guess I think too simple-minded but is putting a bill into a committee with prejudice a little on the unethical side? Is this not like turning the fox loose in the hen house to guard the chickens? I digress.

While over the past few years a couple of sheriffs said they support the bill none of them went to Montgomery to speak on its behalf. But every year a hundred plus LEO’s from all over the state would show up and speak against the bill and show solidarity.

The only sheriff who backed up his word with action was Sheriff Mike Hale of Jefferson County. Sheriff Hale stood firmly on his conviction that pistol permits are unconstitutional and do nothing to make an officer’s job safer. He said, “A license or a permit is simply the process by which the government sells back to you a right that you already have.”

What I would like someone to answer me is why is it legal or morally right to sell me a permit to exercise a right given to me by God and not a man or government? Could it be that so many LE are like the Progressives that have taken over the Democrat Party? Is the Constitution to them just a pesky old outdated document that they swear to uphold while in reality, they do not understand what it even means? Does an oath really mean anything anymore? We know it doesn’t to the left, but you would think in the deep south it would still mean something?


Having said that “We have seen riots in the streets and fear displayed by people everywhere. People are out buying firearms in record numbers wanting to defend themselves. I have had people in my classes this past year that I would have never dreamed would own a gun let alone take a firearms class. I can’t help but believe people are beginning to realize the different “crazy movements” of the left are the real domestic terrorists and they have no shortage of firearms. People are beginning to think they are their own first responders and rightfully so. When the big riots start no one is coming to help you. Train, prepare, and develop a mindset of self-defense.

Last but not least and listen to me closely. No less than four bills are being introduced this year in Alabama to pass what is being called the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” or similar. Here is what I find amusing:

A group of legislators who claim to believe the Constitution but will not pass a law to do away with the unconstitutional pistol permit has all of a sudden got red hot to uphold the constitution and nullify federal gun control laws. If nullifying Federal gun control law is their goal then passing SB5 and doing away with buying a license to exercise a right should be no problem this year because all gun law is unconstitutional and pistol permits are part of it. They are an infringement…period.

I want you to join me in watching our super-majority of conservative Republicans this year very close. Let's see what they can get done this year.

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There is also HB-405 that was introduced by Andrew Sorrell of Muscle Shoals that allows Alabama citizens to carry without permit.

Billy Denton says:

Yes, you are correct Jeffery. Now if they will iron out the details and make the two match then we might get permitless carry passed.

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