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    Hi everyone,. I was raised in Dallas county and have been in Shelby county for a few decades, I love Jesus, family, country, Alabama,huntin,fishin,Harleys, Garands, honesty, southern hospitality and cracklin cornbread and we’ll,,,you get the picture the list could go on for days , and the thought of having found a group of like minded folks who hold dear to their hearts the beliefs and traditions of those before us, who have gave their lives in hopes that we would never be faced with what were facing now is reassuring. Hope I wasn’t too long winded, and hope to meet some of you soon!.

    Billy Denton

    Hi Tommy,

    Just quickly wanted to say that we are glad to have you with us and looking forward to your involvement with the group.
    I’ll say more later but running behind at the moment.

    You can find us on FaceBook

    Better than that I encourage you to download TeamApp, register, and search for “BamaCarry of Shelby” and join us there.

    Again, Welcome to BamaCarry
    Billy Denton

    Danny Wilson

    Hi y’all. I’ve been a member in the past. As Facebook grew—and grew more authoritarian—BC got pushed out of my news feed and other things took priority. I’m able to spend a little more on memberships now so I just renewed.
    I’m in Jefferson County.
    I went with the BC/GOA combo membership so I am curious if I have to do anything to complete the GOA membership or is it automatic?


    Hello everyone. This is James Whalen (Jim) from Cullman AL. I have been a member for a while then let it lapse, opps, and just now rejoined. Glad to be back!

    Billy Denton

    Hi James,
    Great to have you back. Hopefully, 2022 is our year!

    Billy Denton

    Hi Danny,
    Looks like it has been quiet here. Sorry no one has responded. Your GOA should be automatic. Let me know if you haven’t received anything.
    I’m also in Jefferson County and maybe we know each other…or not lol. And yes, Facebook has all but killed our feeds to anyone.

    Meetings at Mr. Wang’s Restaurant second Monday of each month. You should start getting a reminder by text on the next one.

    Billy D.

    Ray Trammell

    Hello everyone! I’m a GOA member that is new here. I live in Boaz Marshall County. I encourage you all to dual enroll if you haven’t already.

    Larry Gill


    Randy Phillips

    Randy Phillips new member, I think……Sorry just saw introduction page.

    Mark Newell

    Not a new member but a returning member. Lost touch several years ago when I closed down my facebook account. Glad to see this website up.

    Randy Chavez

    Hey guys, new member glad to be here.

    Leslie Saxon SR

    Hello my name is Les new member

    John Kangelos

    New member here. John Kangelos Pike Road alabama

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