The Biggest Right Wing Win of The Last Decade


It doesn’t matter how clownish the world gets. The cold reality is that the Woke Left and its corporate, managerial elite backers keep winning the culture war. Part of the reason is that even when the Right wins a battle, it often learns the wrong lesson.

Some conservatives will get angry when they’re asked to tell what it is they’ve conserved lately. Virtually every institution and center of influence in the country has been marched through by the Left.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope for conservatives, or at least for those who have been paying special attention the last few years to one issue in particular.

Constitutional Carry

state by state strategy to implement constitutional carry is delivering to the Right one of its strongest success stories in a long time.

Constitutional carry, meaning no permits required to carry a firearm, is now the law in 19 states. Keep in mind that only 40 years ago, there wasn’t even permitted concealed carry in the US, save for Vermont, one of the least populous states.  A promising movement that right wingers could learn several things about.

Though a grave mistake would be to shift this localized momentum to Washington, D.C. Stay keenly aware of that should the Republican Party win back the House of Representatives in 2022 as is widely anticipated.

Make sure your local Republican Party and representatives learn the correct lesson. The power of grassroots activism doesn’t need to rely on D.C. astroturfed funding. If deep pockets want to help, be conscious of the fact that they usually want control over the direction of the issue at hand.

State legislative activity has the highest ROI, especially at this time of heightened polarization nationally. Let the Left overstep at the federal level before the Right tries its luck.

Look at what happened with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in 1993 and the ban on “assault weapons” in 1994. Those seminal events sparked the Republican Revolution and congressional domination for over 20 years.

Now is not the time to settle for less, but to strive for more. Constitutional Carry must be made the norm in as many more states as possible. Millions and millions of new gun owners have come on to the scene in the last couple years, many of whom do not fit the political stereotype of a gun voter.

That means a cultural shift is taking place, and a spirit of independence may not be so far off for what’s left of this country. Keep the faith. Fight hard locally and statewide to ensure that constitutional carry is conserved, because conservative victories of this magnitude are rare, but vitally important to a populist backlash against the establishment.

Who is Jose Nino?
Born in Venezuela. Raised in America. José had the good fortune of leaving Venezuela before it descended into chaos. After reading the tea leaves and realizing that Venezuela was headed down the path of political turmoil, José’s parents brought his family over to the United States in search of better opportunities. Confused by the noise being transmitted in the media, José went searching for answers... Read Jose's story here.

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